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Own a Piece of History

Thank you very much for your interest in historic bricks from the Imperial Sugar refinery site. The Sugar Land Heritage Foundation is currently concentrating our efforts on preserving as many of these bricks as we can. Once the collection phase is complete, we will make a decision on how to best use these bricks.

Some potential uses for the bricks include, but are not limited to:

  • using the bricks as part of our future museum facility
  • building a wall or walkway where bricks would be available for the public to sponsor
  • using the bricks in some kind of building or architectural feature(s) in the Imperial Redevelopment

The Sugar Land Heritage Foundation is asking interested parties to send us an email with details about their proposed brick projects. Requested information includes:

  • how many bricks do you need?
  • do all the bricks have to be whole bricks?
  • how do you plan to use the bricks?
  • will the bricks be viewable by the general public?
  • when is the earliest you could take possession of the bricks?
  • when is the latest that you could take possession of the bricks?

Thanks again for your interest in preserving Sugar Land history!

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